One Sunday night during my sophomore year of high school I was invited to attend my friend’s youth group service.  During the summer of my junior year of college, I participated in an internship in youth ministry at that very same church.  That five year or so span between the two I began to realize my desire to be in ministry.  Coming from a broken family, I have never truly had that sense of community at home.  I found it instead among my friends and by participating in the church’s youth group.  Being a Resident Assistant at Monmouth College gives me community and relationship experience that I know I cannot achieve quite in the same way anywhere else.  I have the chance to meet new people and play a part in their collegiate future.  Building community and building relationships are two practices I apply to my every day life and plan to apply to my career in ministry. I especially have the desire to lead or even start my own ministry or nonprofit organization.

This recent summer I had the opportunity to intern with Christ in Youth (CIY) under their MIX program.  This is a 4-day conference that travels around the country during the summer to teach junior high students about the Gospel and how to be a light within their schools and communities.  Through this experience, I was able to work behind the scenes on various projects and ministry opportunities and gain a better knowledge and understanding on how to address those efficiently, especially within the context of students.  Courses I have taken through my major of Communication Studies and minors in Religious Studies and Journalism also continue to shape my perspective on how to approach a ministry.  Journalism helps satisfy my creative writing side and there are multiple avenues I can take with it, even being a leader of a nonprofit.  Religious Studies continues to expand not only my biblical and theological knowledge of Christianity, but also religion in different cultures and how it relates to Christianity.  The communication courses of interpersonal and small group communication have given me a different perspective in how I see and participate in interpersonal and small group situations.  I am better prepared to participate and engage in those situations and I understand the communication that both exhibit.  After graduating from Monmouth College, I will either continue my schooling in obtaining a seminary degree or I will find a ministry or nonprofit that’s mission is one I am passionate about.  In whatever case, I know the journey will be well worth it.


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